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Victorian Solid Shutters – Quick Glance

Most of the Victorian homes had solid shutters on their doors and windows. Two parts of the shutters could be folded back into the groove to lock the window completely when not in use. Other than to keep the lights out, these shutters had two major use. Firstly, they provided excellent insulation to maintain the…
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Make sure your home looks nice with wooden window shutters and blinds

When we consider window shutters we have a tendency to invoke pictures of Mediterranean occasions and blue covered windows. We can now have that same perfect, fresh peer however inside our homes. They can be settled to any window, incorporating inlets and arrive in a wide determination of hues and styles. Your inside stylistic theme…
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Clear View

Over time we have found the Hidden Tilt/Easy Tilt system to be retrospectively unserviceable. With Clear View we are able to service your shutters much more effectively in your home, delivering a product that not only looks great, but that lasts a lifetime too. The previous Easy Tilt system uses a plastic rack and pinion…
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New Painting Process

Our new painting process for wooden shutters will improve stability, rigidity and longevity of colour as well as offering a smoother and more consistent finish. In essence, we have changed the previous style of Nitrocellulose Primer and Nitrocellulose top coat for three coats of Polyurethane Primer, and Three coats of Polyurethane top coat, followed by…
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