About us

About Complete Shutters

shutters“Complete Shutters” was formed from the management team of one of the UK’s largest window coverings companies. From the very beginning, the company put into place a rigid quality control system that has proved to be the building blocks of success that “Complete Shutters” enjoys today.

Our Plantation Shutter supply and installation services had to excel in three key areas: Quality Control, Customer Care and Reliability.

Today, “Complete Shutters” are a leading supplier of bespoke Plantation Shutters for commercial and residential applications. “Complete Shutters” are also a leading supplier and installation agent to the interior design and architectural trades.

Our Team

All of the staff at “Complete Shutters” are fully trained in the needs and demands of a fast turnaround combined with the highest quality control standards within the trade. We are continually looking for ways we can improve our service and from the original foundations and building blocks of our success, we never forget that the most important aspect of our business remains the customer.