Tracked Shutter Systems

Some interior windows and doorways are too large for regular wooden shutters. This is where the tracked shutter system comes into its own. When your shutters are fitted to a specially-installed track instead of your window or doorway, they can run along any length of space. Closed, they look divine; but they also glide majestically aside to reveal the full space behind. The Tracked Shutter System is ideal for French doors.

Plantation Tracked Shutter System For Easy Access

The Shutter System is designed to allow the shutters to run all along the track up to one end. You can also opt for a central opening for easy access to your outside space, and we can also cut out discreet spaces for your door handles.

Plantation blinds, plantation shutters, colonial shutters or good old-fashioned, wooden window shutters. Call them what you will, they’re one impressive design feature you will never regret choosing. Better still, with Complete Shutters you get even more choice.

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